About Landisa Plant

In June 16, 1950,  Valentino and Mario Morelli founded a family enterprise in the town of Trento Italy, having as purpose the vine activities of seedlings production. 

The expanded activity is carried on by the third generation on Silvano Morelli. Through experience gained Silvano Morelli continues to successfully develop business activity in manufacturing, diversification of mix product and marketing of vine cuttings, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.

The company has evolved over time in the town of Verona, where in 2000 she founded a nursery area of  40  hectares with an annual production of over 4 million plants.

Thus providing its own international distribution capacity in 2004, the company’s activity has grown and entered the market in Romania.

Also this year, due to the need to offer customers complete products and service quality, the company was founded Vigneto Consult, specialized in selling cuttings and vine plantations for the largest wineries in Romania and for small businesses.

As a crowning success in Romania, in celebration of 65 years of experience, was born Landisa Plant trading company based in Arad, Constitution, No 57, which offers and impressive range and variety of trees, shrubs, conifers, shrubs for hedges, cuttings of vines, fruit trees, lawns and flowers.

Company specialists are at your disposal and provides useful tips in finding the best solutions for lawns.

Choosing Landisa Plant, you can create a place for you and your family wonderful.